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Why Writing is Important: Give Writing a Chance As Explained to My 9 Year Old

My son’s favorite subject is math. He savors the truth, honesty, and sense of math. While I adore his third grade writing skills, he recently said, “Mom, I make up writing sometimes just to get it over with.”

Shocked, I knew I had to come up with a list of reasons (math) to influence him to write more — and enjoy it. Writing has been one of the saving graces in my life. I respect a good writer. It’s easy to blab, but try putting your thoughts into words. Now, that’s talent.

On the way to school, I told my sports boy, Trey, why writing is important and why he should not give up on it.

Here are eight reasons given to give writing a chance.

1. It will help you one day when you have a job. If you are a good writer, you will get better jobs and be respected more. Sadly, I have found that many people cannot write something as simple as a letter. You can be persuasive with words written down. If you can write, you can influence people to do what you want them to do. I recently asked a friend for some free concert tickets as I knew he had connections. I told my son, Trey, “I didn’t send him a math equation; I sent him a nice e-mail — writing — asking why I would appreciate the tickets.”

2. In college, you will have to do lots and lots of writing, essays, papers and speeches. They all start with words on paper (or computer).

3. All movies and television shows started off with writing. There is a script. A script starts with words that make sense.

4. Writing can become part of history. (I know that Trey loves history also.)

5. As an artist, writing a good description or simple story has helped increase the value of my artwork.

6. Once people know you are a good writer, they may expect less from you, so life gets easier. I told him how in college, my professors liked my writing skills. Often my papers were not even graded; they would rather have chatted with me about philosophy. See, writing saved me from writing more. Trey is intrigued now, thinking, “I can do less, how?”

7. Writers get recognized and earn a high respect. Many people can talk, dream about ideas, or tell stories orally, but those who actually take the time to document it have something to look back upon.

8. Utterances are easily forgotten. Writing lasts a very long time.

Please feel free to add your own comments, writing quotes and enjoyment for writing to this thread! Let’s help continue the craft of writing for our future leaders and colleagues.

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