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Entrepreneur Connection With Lisa Caprelli

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Lisa Caprelli, a once shy Hispanic girl has used her social psychology and communications experience to become an author, speaker, and has been featured on numerous news, media and podcast shows. She has authored 22 books in English and Spanish, making a significant impact in elementary education. Her “Unicorn Jazz” series, blending storytelling, music, and joy, is a favorite among children and educators for its focus on SEL as a social emotional learning speaker and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

Throughout her “help and give back” journey, she has donated over 10,000 books to children’s charities and hospitals since 2020 and reached over 750,000 students through her Inspire-Ed school author visit program. Her book, “SKIP A STEP,” encapsulating entrepreneur stories, led to the creation of Unicorn Jazz, embodying her commitment to children’s emotional and intellectual growth. edutainment to teachers and students.

Holding a Bachelor’s in Social Psychology and a 27-year background in business, branding, and public relations, Lisa leverages her expertise to create meaningful, engaging content. Passionate about her Latin heritage, she actively serves Spanish-speaking students, promoting SEL and emotional intelligence as vital for holistic development.

During the pandemic, Lisa innovatively utilized technology and video to inspire teachers and students with her TV show, “The Thing I Do,” integrating puppets, storytelling, music, and edutainment, furthering her mission to enrich young minds.

We create lifelong fans of Unicorn Jazz through our Inspire-Ed school author visit program. Write us at

If you are interested in my books, go here: grab one of Lisa Caprelli’s 22 books (English or Spanish) you can see them all on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble. Click here!

Lisa, a Forbes writer and innovator with a passion for studying, expressing and writing about human behavior, communication, entrepreneurship and happiness.

“I describe my life’s work so far like BENJAMIN BUTTON! I began my early years with seniors, then business minded people, then college students … to teens, elementary aged kids and even babies.”
Lisa grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. She is proud of her Latin roots and culture. She has made Southern California her home for the past 21 years and is the mother of two sons. It is important for Lisa to connect and teach students of all ages. Sometimes it requires travel to reach as many children, educators, parents, librarians and schools with the positive and meaningful lessons she has learned and continues to learn.    

Author and Entrepreneur Lisa Caprelli is Available for Media Interviews, Speaking, Presentations or Podcasts.

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TV Interviews & Appearances

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Magazines, Articles, & News Reports

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Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do is a kids show series on Amazon TV and more TV platforms coming soon!

Skip a Step Book Review - Lisa Caprelli - Kidpreneur author latina entrepreneur for teens

CSLA Conference 2022

Saturday, February 19th – 11 am – 11:45 am. Lisa shares how she made her characters come to life with puppets, writing, reading, and imagination. Inspired by Sesame Street and with her kids multi-media brand of Unicorn Jazz’s Show, Lisa has created a way to teach and entertain entire school audiences, from grades K-8. Visit at
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Podcasts & Radio

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About Lisa Caprelli

childrens unicorn author lisa caprelli

Lisa Caprelli is an author of 16 books, a songwriter, speaker, and host of the Amazon TV show called UNICORN JAZZ PRESENTS THE THING I DO.   Directed by Lisa Caprelli and Produced and created with a winning team of kid actors, singers and writers!  Click Here for Lisa’s Bio & Press Kit

Lisa grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. She is proud of her Latin roots and culture.  She always wanted to live near the ocean and today lives in Huntington Beach, California. She has made Orange County, California her home for the past 20 years.  Lisa has experience presenting to elementary, middle and high school students and has taught at Long Beach State, California.

Having worked with over 150 CEO’s and brands and with a 27+ years of writing, marketing, branding, public relations, FM/AM radio, The Business Experience Show, podcasting and writing background, Lisa Caprelli has made stories her life.  As an entrepreneur, Lisa went on a 2.5 year journey researching & interviewing 13 notable entrepreneurs on what makes for a MEANINGFUL, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS life.  Enter her book Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom For Young Entrepreneur Minds.   It was through Skip a Step that she fulfilled her life’s purpose to create the UNICORN JAZZ world in 2018.

Her books—“Skip a Step” and talks like “The 5 Hats”—draw from her experiences interviewing hundreds of people, specifically entrepreneurs, during the course of her more than 10 years in live radio broadcasting.   Caprelli has helped more than 150 brands build their business.

Caprelli also does virtual and in person author visits for elementary school age students. She currently resides in Southern California and is the proud mother of two boys. When she is not working as an entrepreneur, writing books, or interviewing the next generation of business leaders, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, and running.


Meet children’s author Lisa Caprelli, a Latina mom on a mission to inspire kids to learn.  Lisa was inspired by Sesame Street’s combination of music, puppetry and talent to teach.

During the pandemic, she found the silver lining for children to express themselves creatively while sharing HAPPINESS.  Utilizing technology platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live and Amazon TV, “Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do” was born. It has been described as a modern, educational and fun show for kids –with puppets, stories and with real kids — who could send in their short videos and merge them into a TV show series.

2020 tested many of us and it was during that time Lisa did not stop her nationwide school tour of presenting and encouraging the arts, reading, writing, music, and storytelling … Instead of feeling defeated, she took the opportunity to impact more families in the quickest, most efficient way possible —  by producing and directing an online kids’ show!

To date, Unicorn Jazz, a multi-media brand has reached over 500,000 children through school tours, social media influencers, bloggers and podcast outreach!

Lisa uses her characters from the Unicorn Jazz series, offering social emotional learning in its books – turned some into puppets, Unicorn Jazz and Trezekke (pronounced tray-zee-kee) a zebracorn —  along with a puppet led game show — “Happiness News” — ocean animals —  original music soundtracks — like:

  • The Friendship Song
  • Rainbow song
  • Make that smile a little bit bigger
  • Baby, I love you …
  • and more!

Created with numerous talented kids, actors and singers, the show has talent ~ like 13 year old, Broadway star, Emily Isabel. Rhett Drennen shares his joy of reading — along with fun facts to make learning fun and imaginative!

To learn more, go to and to be part of the show go to

The Unicorn Jazz children’s book series has helped and changed so many kids’ and parents’ lives in so many positive ways, and author Lisa Caprelli hopes to inspire you too! To grab a book, or to view the entire collection of stories in the UJ series so far, be sure to visit Lisa Caprelli’s author page.