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Author of the Amazon best-selling book, Color Your Message, Lisa boasts a wealth of knowledge from more than two decades as a  business development leader. She enjoys speaking to diverse audiences of teens, millennials, and seasoned business leaders, educating them on how to execute a plan of action to achieve their vision and success.


Lisa Caprelli is a marketing strategy consultant, author, branding and team building expert. She works to help businesses—from small to medium-sized businesses to large corporations —achieve success and maintain relevance in our rapidly evolving world by understanding how to use today’s technology with a top-notch team.

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Past Speaking Engagements

Creative Writing Magic Podcast - April 2019

Author & Illustrator Backstory

Show link will be live April 2019

National Unicorn Day - April 9, 2019

Sensational Story Time (1:30pm): Gather around as Children’s Author Lisa Caprelli reads her story, Unicorn Jazz. Unicorn Jazz discovers how difficult it can be to make new friends, but thanks to her mother she learns how to celebrate her uniqueness and meets Woof the Crow, who helps her realize her talent.

Los Alamitos Elementary School - April 1, 2019

Presented Unicorn Jazz to Mr. O’s classroom of 3rd graders along with singer/songwriter, Thanecha Anderson.  This was a great classroom of engaged students who gave us thank you letters as well!

Super Power Kids Podcast Interview by Neva Lee Recla - March 20, 2019
This was a blast to be interviewed by 9 year old entrepreneur Neva. This show will be aired at a future time.
Voyege LA Magazine Interview - March 2019
Lisa talks about her new books and why she transitioned into being an author, along with her joy for helping other authors.
Presented 11 Words for an Inspiration and Powerful Life, along with Unicron Jazz to young mothers - February 2019

Presented 11 Words for an Inspiration and Powerful Life, along with Unicron Jazz  to young mothers

Dolphin Elementary School - February 2019

Presented as an author and Unicorn Jazz along with my 13-year-old son TreyJam, a YouTuber about the importance of technology. His channel has 100k subscribers:

Del Norte Elementary School for Unicorn Jazz - January 2019

Presented Unicorn Jazz to 2nd to 5th graders to this elementary school in  hometown of El Paso, Texas

Mommy Magazine Editorial - December 2018

Lisa Caprelli shares her story on the importance of technology with children. Click for article

Mission Viejo High School - January 2018

Speaking Topic: 11 Influential Words that Can Change Your Life

Having had the privilege of researching and interviewing over 150 CEO’s and entrepreneurs in all walks of life I now want to share with you some great stories. I began my quest in interviewing what makes an individual influential and purposeful and how communication can change lives!

There are 11 powerful words I have identified that have influenced the lives and decisions that have created meaningful lives to powerful leaders.

Michigan Professionals Group - Fall 2017

Speaking Topic: What Color Is Your Message? Using a 360 Degree Marketing Strategy in Your Business and Branding


Learn what works and what does not. Marketing is what will bring you new and returning customers.   Discover the methods Lisa uses to leverage technology with your product or service. This talk helps entrepreneurs, leaders, business executives and CEO's get their greatest work into the world utilizing digital marketing tools, social media and technology right at your fingertips! 

FPA Nashville Conference - 2017

Speaking Topic: Building Social Capital

PRSA Western District Conference Session Title - 2016

Speaking Topic: Tube Be Or Not Tube Be – That Is The Question (How & Why To Incorporate YouTube Into Your Digital Marketing)


Despite the prevalence of online video content channels, people are still negligent in harvesting this digital bonanza of free digital real estate. Simple videos correctly entitled and described, can yield inbound marketing leads for years to come. Google’s sister company YouTube is a powerful ally that should not be ignored when identifying your digital marketing plan.

As early as 2012 that the web had transitioned from text-based to video-based. YouTube is well established as the second most popular search engine behind Google. More social media sites are integrating video daily. Because videos can boost your web presence and drive consumer engagement, it is important to make sure that people can find your videos when they search online. Learn how to make your videos engaging, search engine friendly, and boost your online SEO relevancy.

Online videos have become a very useful method for sharing information. Not only is YouTube the second-largest search engine after Google, but it also has a massive reach across social networking sites. People watch more and more YouTube Videos every day, and they share such videos on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus each minute. These social engagement numbers demonstrate the huge reach that videos naturally have. Because videos can boost your web presence and drive consumer engagement, it’s important to make sure that people can find your videos when they search online. Learn how to make your videos search engine friendly.

Fairmont Private - Elementary School - 2016

Speaking Topic: What Color Is Your Message for 5th Graders

PRSA International Conference - 2015 (Atlanta, GA)

Speaking Topic: Tube Be or Not Tube Be - the Importance of Technology, Video and Google for your Branding

PRSA Western District Conference - 2015 (Los Angeles, CA)

Speaking Topic: The Internet Is Video Centric, Is Your Marketing?

UC Irvine Blackstone LaunchPad - November 2015

Speaking Topic: The Power Of Yes

The Institute of Management Consultants in Los Angeles - May 2015

Speaking Topic:  What Color Is Your Message -  for Business Professionals

Orange County Real Estate Forum

Speaking Topic: Using Technology to Maximize Your Profits

Orange County Business Network

Speaking Topic: What Color Is Your Message? Using a 360 Degree Marketing Strategy in Your Business and Branding

Concordia University's Teen Entrepreneur Academy - Summer 2014

Speaking topic: Why Social Media and Video is Important for Entrepreneurs

Global Business Academy Day at Concordia University School of Business

Motivation Empowerment and Speaking Presentation to 180 high school students, drawing from my book, Skip a Step and its journal.

Good Day Orange County

Everyone Has a Story Worth Telling - click for TV interview

Good Morning La La Land

Speaking about my book The 5 Hats, Color Your Message and the power of change

Awakened Path Radio

The Five Hats" and viewpoints I write about when it comes to balancing friendship, family, career, connection and adventure!

We discussed how to get out of depression or unfortunate life circumstances and how to find happiness in areas that will serve you well!

listen to it here:  

The Blonde Bombshell Podcast

How to Find Your Life’s Greater Purpose - on Itunes here

Exit Coach Radio

Want to know the path to unlocking your knowledge and creating a legacy by writing a book for business or pleasure? Listen to my interview

Porsha Hargrove PR

This episode gives hope to the writers. Lisa talks about her  published books and touches on information on how to become self published. We speak on the importance of moving forward with your dream of being an author, self love and self care.  Click

Critical Mass for Business

Lisa talks about her books and Color Your Message, and the importance of technology to remain relevant - Click

Happy Mindset Show

Tables were turned as I interviewed host Denis Murphy from The Happy Mindset for my research on the "5 HATS!"

You can check out our full interview on YouTube - Click

A Word From Lisa -

“We need stories to explain concepts.  Businesses benefit when they tell stories that are able to engage their audience with authenticity. Captivating content creation is something that no robot, computer or App can do. We’re living in a tumultuous time, ripe with change and exploration. Business professionals should be pushed toward new ways of thinking, and new ways of approaching information—to help expand business growth through innovation.”