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5 Reasons Why Writing a Book Improves Your Credibility and Brand

When is a book is more than a book?  Sure it may be easy to give great advice to holster your professional reputation, but what can a book do for your credibility?

If you are working as a consultant, speaker, trainer, entertainer, business leader or expert in a field, then I recommend that you write a book and get it published.  A work published in your name can prove a great asset in building your credibility and reputation.

Out of every 1,000 people that set out to write a book, only 30 actually finish. And if you then add on top of that the fact that only 20% of people who write a book actually publish it, this means only 6 people get published. (Source)

If you have given the daunting hours, time and creativity to accomplish a huge dream, you are, without a doubt, a badass … and no one can ever take that away from you!

Here are 4 Reasons Your Book Garnishes Respect:

1. Writing a Book is Hard. Let’s face it, it takes a lot of work, grueling hours of focus.  However, it leaves a legacy that one cannot ever take away.  It becomes timeless treasure on your side.

2. Editing is Painful.  Getting your thoughts out in writing is much easier. After author David Rodriguez wrote his first book (30 chapters in 3 weeks) realized how much work editing was, he coined it as “…breaking a vase.  Picking up the bulky pieces by hand is the writing portion; trying to pick up the tiny shards without a mop and broom is the editing. Residue remains and you have to go back and forth to really clean it up.”  Going back into the dumping of your thoughts and deleting your writing, especially words you’ve sacrificed so much to create, can be hard to do, but it’s necessary!

3. Knowing When You Are Finished.  It seems impossible to know when you are done. “How do you know when you are done?” I got asked quite often.  “You just have to find a stopping point, knowing that your message is received by the reader.  You can always make Version 2, 3, etc.  You have to wrap up and publish.

If you never want to be criticized, don’t do anything new. – Jeff Bezos

4. The Fear of Rejection.  You may think, “What will the critics say?”  “Is it good enough?”  “Will it sell?”

5.  The Benefits Go Beyond What You Thought Possible   Beyond the obvious motivation for wanting to write a book — hoping to achieve fame or fortune — my guess is that many people who feel they have a book ”in them” doubtless see writing it as a way of establishing their own significance. ”There lurks, perhaps, in every human heart,” wrote Samuel Johnson, ”a desire of distinction, which inclines every man to hope, and then to believe, that nature has given himself something peculiar to himself.” What better way to put that distinction on display than in a book?  (Source)

When I grew my consulting and business development role as a leader and speaker because of change and innovation I feel businesses need to adopt, I wrote a book, Color Your Message.  I spent years of understanding and researching what the average CEO or manager does NOT know about today’s marketing, digital media.  I had already spent years understanding the past of least resistance to publishing your book:  Self-publish.  I studied the algorithms of Amazon and in 3 short months, my book reached #1 Best Seller status!

Were the efforts worthwhile?  Absolutely!   I use the book as my business card and leave a copy with a customer, audience member or serious prospect.   I have found that it helps me to open doors, get speaking engagements, build rapport with clients and win business.

People who have always dreamed of having a book of their own ask me to help them with their own content writing, branding or more.  It has opened up countless and attracts new business on an ongoing basis.

Just do it: Commit to it and write your book!

Lisa Caprelli has authored several business books.  She began life as the quiet middle child in a small city Texas family. She eventually found her voice which ultimately led to business development, building brands, public speaking and hosting radio shows. Her passions were fueled by helping people, especially those like herself – motivated, self-driven, entrepreneurial types working hard toward a better life.  Her penchant for marketing and the psychology that propels people into action has been a hallmark of every position she has held since early adulthood. Settling in Orange County, California, Caprelli helped establish a successful real estate company in which she eventually sold her half-interest.

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