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5 Ways to Maintain the Human Touch if You Have an E-Commerce Business

The fast-paced world of e-commerce is dominated by digital interactions, and customers can easily get what they need with one click of a button or a single swipe on their screen. E-commerce is unparalleled for its convenience and speed, but this model also makes it easy for entrepreneurs to lose sight of the human element of their business once they’ve been immersed in the digital industry long enough. 

But maintaining rapport with customers and retaining the human touch is essential to any business, even one that operates remotely or purely online. An online business that’s mastered the human touch can wield a competitive edge against its peers in the large and highly saturated e-commerce industry. Moreover, a sense of connection to their clientele will imbue an e-commerce entrepreneur with a sense of purpose, which will make them even better at cultivating customer loyalty. 

Given the fierce competition you face, your customers will have plenty of options to choose from aside from your business. What can set your business apart is the way customers feel towards it. To that end, here’s how you can sustain the human touch in your business operations and go beyond faceless, automated transactions: 

1) Provide Responsive Customer Service

An efficient customer service team will be your greatest strategic asset in the e-commerce industry. No matter how thoughtfully you’ve designed your e-commerce website and your checkout process, there’s still a chance that a customer will bump into an issue while shopping, for example with regard to their payment. In moments like these, it’s easy for the customer to feel frustrated or anxious about the issue at hand. 

Your business should be ready to swoop in and save the day by providing quality customer service. Your staff should show a high level of knowledge and willingness to help customers resolve more complex issues. They should engage directly with customers by offering personalized assistance and expressing genuine empathy over their concern. 

If you’re in the process of upgrading your system, for example by onboarding the best payment gateway for small business outfits that deal in e-commerce, make sure that your customer service staff is aware. This will help them communicate to customers that you’re using a payment gateway Philippines businesses trust, and that both their money and their sensitive data are being handled safely within your system. 

In the Philippines, Maya Checkout is a viable solution for smoothly processing online payments. A tech upgrade to this payment gateway will make your customer experience better overall and complement your efforts to provide excellent customer service through your human staff.  

2) Strengthen Customer Loyalty with Personalized Incentives

Next, make your customers feel valued and appreciated through personalized incentives and loyalty programs. These are proven ways to maintain the human touch in your e-commerce business. Rewards promote brand loyalty and increase the chances of customers purchasing items from your store more frequently. In addition, a loyalty program is a highly effective way to gather customer data that your business can use for future marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Create a sense of exclusivity for your customers by designing a loyalty program that caters directly to their needs. Throw in some personalized incentives like birthday discounts, exclusive access opportunities, or tailored product recommendations based on their purchase history to really hook them in. You’ll see firsthand how this approach will highlight the human touch and further strengthen the bond between your brand and its valued patrons.

3) Encourage Customers to Leave Testimonials

Customer reviews are user-generated content that can add authenticity to your business—something that it should strive to exude. Make it a point to encourage your customers to share their experiences and feedback regarding your products or business on your social media platforms. 

Aside from generating organic engagement that your business can grow from, testimonials can help satisfied customers position themselves as advocates and attract new consumers who might have been on the fence about patronizing your business. Plus, allowing people to post their raw and unfiltered testimonials also makes your business all the more “real” in the sense that it provides an unvarnished glimpse into the genuine experiences of your customers.

4) Heighten Your Social Media Engagement 

Simply engaging with your customers online through your social media accounts will do a lot to foster genuine human connection. This also helps your business showcase and build momentum around human relationships, which are important to share with your consumers. 

Respond promptly to comments and messages, share user-generated content, and create interactive posts that encourage conversation. Such actions will allow your business to show its human side and strengthen your brand’s identity because of it.

5) Tailor Email Campaigns to Individual Preferences

Lastly, you can make a huge difference in your business’s marketing efforts if you tailor-fit your email campaigns. Sending generic promotional emails can come across as impersonal and indifferent, which are traits that you don’t want on the forefront if you’re aiming to “humanize” your business a little more. 

Instead of the usual monotonous and templated emails you may be sending to your customers, leverage your customer data pool to craft personalized email campaigns. Segment your email list according to past purchases, browsing behavior, or preferences to help you sort and organize information better. 

You can also consider sending customized product recommendations, exclusive offers, and personalized content that directly aligns with each customer’s interests and needs, making them feel special and noticed by your brand. Personalized emails can also increase the likelihood of customers making a purchase or indulging in the services mentioned in the text, so take advantage of this method to market your products and services. 

Bolster Your E-Commerce Business Operations Using the Power of Personal Connections 

Businesses of all sizes can seize a valuable opportunity in the dynamic industry of e-commerce by simply prioritizing their interpersonal connections. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, consider putting these strategies into practice and placing a strong emphasis on personalized interactions and relationships. Your efforts to do so can help you create a distinctive brand identity, foster deeper connections with your clients, and eventually succeed in the cutthroat e-commerce market. 

While product sales and business growth should remain essential goals for your venture, remember that a big part of your success will be driven by customer satisfaction and loyalty. If these remain the “heart” of your business, it can flourish in ways you never thought possible.

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