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Saygar the Magnificent Summary by New Author Elizabeth Jurado

A fantastic plot fusion between E.T. and Dr. Seuss’s “What Was I Scared Of?”, Saygar the Magnificent by Elizabeth Jurado will warp you right back to your days in elementary school even as a full-grown adult.

Read the original review by Erick Kusmirek below:

An easy to read story surrounding a strange week in the life of a 3rd -grade boy that people of all backgrounds, classes, and genders can easily relate to, Jurado’s book stays true to the extreme highs and lows of raw emotionality throughout childhood development in a fictional yet down-to-earth tale, reminding us that guardian angels come in all forms, shapes, and sizes.

When his bottled ant for show and tell escapes and grows into a human-shaped form Joseph

must show his newfound buddy, Saygar, how to live like a human until they can figure out how to get him to return to his regular size. However, as the days go by, it turns out that Saygar the ant actually ends up teaching Joseph a little more in value than his human counterpart teaches him.

The story’s main character isn’t the only one who undergoes internal changes after Saygar’s appearance. Joseph’s either overly abrupt or tenderly shy classmates also start coming out of their shell while using their personalities to come together towards victory despite their differences and frequent arguments with each other.

From doing his best to avoid annoyances such as bullies, teacher’s pets, know-it-alls, time-out

corners, chaotic classrooms and work assignments to wearing awkward clothing with holes just to get through to the end of the school year in one piece, Saygar the Magnificent demonstrates how sometimes certain things believed to be curses at first glance can turn out to be much-needed blessings in an unassuming disguise that we soon come to miss terribly when they’re gone.

Conjointly, the moral of Jurado’s book also portrays how our most cherished moments in time are never completely gone as long as we continue to keep them alive in our minds and take the lessons we learned from them to heart moving forward.

Aside from managing developmental relationships in and out of school, Jurado’s Saygar the

Magnificent is a book about self-progression and action-taking, especially when we feel kicked while we’re down. This book emphasizes the importance of building resilience in emotionally desperate times by taking action because it is precisely at those critical moments when we think that we’re not ready that we actually are far more equipped within ourselves than we ever imagined.

If you’re looking for a trust-building, spartan-inspiring, soda-spraying, pant-wetting, bubble-gum-blowing-in-hair adventure that’s packed with paralyzing fears, upset stomachs and nosebleeds, Elizabeth Jurado’s Saygar the Magnificent delivers something fierce.

Congratulations to author Elizabeth Jurado for creating this book that young readers will enjoy!

Saygar the Magnificent is a book published by Happy Lifestyle Online and Lisa Caprelli.

For more information or to interview Elizabeth Jurado, subject of this book and Kindle available on Amazon, please contact the Author:  

Working with Illustrator, Davey Villalobos

“Over the last decade, I wrote about Saygar and all his shenanigans, but I never could visualize what my mischievous character would look like. When I first sat down with Davey Villalobos, I was worried he would expect me to describe Saygar. I had no clue. What does a human ant look like anyway? But I knew in my heart that when I saw Saygar I would know it. Davey was prepared. He had read my book and seemed to have an instinctive understanding of it. After a brief discussion about my book, we parted with me still not knowing what to expect. As Davey texted me sketches of Saygar, I watched my ant come to life. After a few tweaks, I received a picture that I immediately knew was Saygar. I knew in my heart that finally, there he was, Saygar the Magnificent! It was an emotional moment for me. Thank you to Davey Villalobos, for bring Saygar to life for me!”

– Elizabeth Jurado

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  1. Denis Murphy on June 12, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    Sounds like a great story with many valuable lessons for children and adults alike 🙂 The animations by Davey look great. Well done Elizabeth!

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