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How Will I Ever Know if it’s The Right Thing if I Never Do It?

“To decide whether to hold on to something, ask, ‘Does this help me accomplish my work or enjoy my life?'” Barbara Hemphil

One of your best characteristics as a human being can be to support and believe in your fellow man. I have built start-ups based on believing in the value of offering customers something that no one else can. Your passion, your desire to make something, is more than just a dream. It is something you can do. And with the right team, anything is possible. Likewise, I remain vulnerable and open to new possibilities. There is always someone who knows more than you. You can always learn from others.

In fact, when competing for new business in an unfamiliar industry a company will invariably ask why they should work with my company which has no previous experience in their industry.

My quick response is that my naivety about their business will benefit them when I begin to look at their marketing with an outsider’s point of view, much like many of their customers view it.

Taking risks is essentially what has driven the most successful people. Urgency creates movement, which makes for action. Take the leap of faith in yourself and start your vision, your plan.

Do not try to wait until your plan is 100% organized and perfect. It will never be! If you just go, society will help you and tell you where your flaws are and you can adjust. Once you are going you create urgency for yourself. Once urgency comes into play, fear is removed.

I had an urgent mission when I moved from Texas 14 year ago: get to California, become an entrepreneur, do not look back. I have failed from some of my risks, but have benefited from most of them.

Life is change. Life is about risk. “How will I ever know if it’s the right or wrong thing if I never do it?” That has been and will always be my reply to naysayers.

She references Gary Vaynerchuk in her book who shares a shocking perspective about the businesses that failed to recognize and understand the ROI of Social Media. “…Borders didn’t believe in it, they gave Amazon the infrastructure; they’re out of business. Blockbuster didn’t believe in it, they let Netflix come in and put them out of business.”

From her book, Color Your Message comes Lisa Caprelli’s message about change and inspiration, sharing her personal story which she in turns uses to get experienced business professionals to take action and remain innovative.

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