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Why Whiteboard Videos?

It's no secret that video is quickly becoming one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools for small businesses.


Since YouTube first started, the world of business recognized the importance of video content, in any form, and it was changed forever. It is no longer unreasonable for a small business to create their own videos with no experience and nothing but their cell phone.


The majority of video content pre-internet was not made in a studio, and with this explosion in media, technology has had to keep up. Businesses demanded more accesibility to advertising, with lower up front costs; enter whiteboard videos: Video content with low up front cost, and no expensive camera setups!

SEO Optimized

If you type a keyword phrase into google, you know you will also undeniably find relevant video content. Good SEO means you're being found on all mediums. Most small businesses need a way to convey complicated concepts in a way that is easy to understand and fun to watch.

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About Lisa Caprelli


With a 10-year radio career overlapping 20 years in business consulting, marketing, and branding, Lisa Caprelli strategically uses content and message branding to help companies grow. She's known for inspiring innovation in business leaders and has worked with businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. Her media career has included The Business Experience Show, The Free Money Hour, and other programs on stations like 97.1 FM, KFWB, KNX 1070, KFMB, and KABC, as well as real estate finance and motivational books.

One of Orange County's Best Marketing Agencies


With over 15 years of marketing experience, we keep up with best practices, and know the in's and out's of digital marketing in 2018. Let us help you create your vision today!

Unrivaled Support & Service

One of the most important aspect of company is that we maintain great relationships with our clients. We're always available, and even if you purchase a small service, we will treat you like our only client.

Proven Strategy

We know what works and what doesn't. You no longer have to hire a costly agency to have your needs met. Let us show you how we can increase conversions, visitors, and customer interaction

What Our Clients Are Saying...


"One of the advantages of working with Lisa is her ability to blend publicity, digital media, and marketing with local and national connections. Beyond her incredibly driven work ethic, Lisa often reaches out to others with kindness and love. She is trustworthy and has a work ethic you just don't see very often. I cannot say enough about Lisa Caprelli and her character -- it is one in a million!"

--Kerri Kasem

Co-founder, Ageless & Healthy

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