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11 Questions to Answer Before Designing Your Website

All too often, businesses come to us after their website has already been designed and coded. The problem here is that making your website search engine friendly shouldn’t be done after the site is designed.  It should be done while your website is being designed.  And if fortunate enough, get the proper questions and fact finding done…

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Action Energizes! Entrepreneurs Need To “Do” To Maintain An Edge

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do (Sarah Ban Breathnach).”  What does this mean?  The “doing” part is just as important–maybe even more so– than the dreaming.  Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur, President of the United States, or anything in between, you need to…

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Why Updating Your Content is Crucial for Your Search Engine Ranking

Is your online web presence or your website  ranking to the top pages of Google or YouTube?  I like to think of Google and YouTube as “brother and sister.” After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine.  With video taking the world of content marketing by storm, it is something that can’t be ignored.  A video strategy…

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Does Your success Make You Blind to New Ways of Thinking?

When it comes to maintaining and growing a company, branding is a critical aspect in any industry. Even with well-selected workflow processes or an amazing office, without a solid brand, a business will likely suffer. Branding your company correctly is such a huge asset today and years from now.  Staying innovative with your brand is…

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Is Your Website Just Another Lazy Employee?

Has your website become just another lazy employee? It is imperative to make businesses aware of why they must change what their website today must look like – and how you should be found on Google! Does it enhance your reputation?  Does it make new customers call you? “My creative agency started focusing specifically on…

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What Would You Tell Your 25 Year Old Business Self?

If you could go back to when you were 25, what are things you would have told your business self? This topic started an intriguing dialogue among my entrepreneur and CEO colleagues.  When I speak to colleges or university students majoring in business, entrepreneurship or the arts, this is a talk I find helpful. I…

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